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Kaiwei – Reprocessor


Kaiwei brings an interesting sound from the start of this album until it ends. There are twelve tracks here and while I can only assume the amount of care put into each and every one of them, there is a special glamour on the album opener, Chung Yeung. Take a listen to some of his latest stuff to get a sense of what I am saying. His new album drops in October.

Interesting stuff right? Thankfully I have heard all of the album and I like it. It has the right amount of droning atmosphere to keep me interested. Breakbeat Funky 102 has a cool dreary quality to it, like a segmented transitional song for head phoned high schoolers tripping out on the weekends, it goes nowhere in all the best ways.

One song that is available to you, at least the one I would recommend, is Bamjam. A weird, acid melter slow burn video game Atari-dissident firing squad boogie. Think early 70’s Miles Davis if he was stuck in cyber space. I really like it.

Give it a listen and tell us what you think in the comments below.

It squiggles and squawks into 10Eyck, a short one that picks up in the final 8 seconds and should have a lot more time to flesh out the melting riffs that squeeze your ears at the end of this song.

If you are looking for a mix of music that goes from high quality ethereal unheard of boogie one second to hum drum scattered atmospherica the next, I would suggest giving these song a listen or two. Identity is real winner… and once you hear it in the intended album rotation Kaiwei has for it, you’ll see why he’s been so keen to have fans wait one more month for this album.

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