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Gianfranco Pescetti – The Wake


Before I begin this track review, here are some words regarding the piece from artist Gianfranco Pescetti himself.

“In writing ‘The Wake,’ I sought out to create an instrumental piece that explores the theme of melancholy for a time past, death, and new beginnings. The title has a dual meaning, referring to both the practice of mourning and the path left behind by a boat, a symbol of movement and progress.”

The instrumental is synth struck, dreamlike, and in a middle ground of sounds that lie somewhere between memorable and “where am I again” elevator music. Nothing bad, nothing spectacular, and that exploration of dual meaning he mentions can definitely be heard for the almost five minutes that this song carries on.

Little explosions of somber sounds, glistening keyboards dancing over scattered hi-hat drums, Pescetti creates a song that would be ideal for a public speaker to share their message over a semi-crowded auditorium. Dark, simple, and some how some way sweet and light, he makes a track that hovers in the air like a lost moth… just a part of nature as the butterfly, and yet lacking the colorful wings that intrigue kids to keep begging their parents to take them to the local museum.

“Since I can remember I’ve always approached music from a place of fantasy, emotion, and escapism and while I draw inspiration from various electronic styles, my focus now is on creating a sound that is personal and evocative, rather than adhering to a specific genre/technical approach.”

So much of “The Wake” is spot on background music, though some rumbling bass riffs at points make it different than the Youtube essay-friendly character aspirations this song has going for it. It is optimistic as well, which is communicated through major key changes and waterfall teary ASMR sound effects. All around good tools used effectively here.

The Hawaii-based musician is gearing up to launch a new album in the fall of 2023. Let’s hope he broadens his horizons with his next project.

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