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Gem FM – Con Fusion


Musical innovator Gem FM has announced the release of his 5th album a grand Retro hybrid Electronica-meets-Rock affair entitled “Con Fusion”, scheduled for release on March 23, 2023.

The album features 10 new original tracks that range from ethereal trance to pulsating beats. If you like AVGN or the Back To The Future saga, Gem FM is absolutely worth a listen or two. Just be careful on that third listen.

James Freeman, the brain and soul behind this wacky album, had recent success with “Let’s Dance” on Spotify.

However, with this album, he focuses on his best ideas and implements them at a high success rate. Think of the N64 or music that was featured on the Sega Genesis, aging and to some snobs annoying, but completely immersed in the aesthetic of the time (even if the point is to exude robotic nostalgia).At first a lot of the vocal work pissed me off, tacky and overblown in the mix at points, especially on songs like “Glide On By.” However, the guitar hitting like Santana’s Woodstock mescaline session, comes together with aforementioned vocals to deliver a complete, developed sound.

You may not like all of the choices on this record like I do, but there is nothing to hate on here. Gem FM is all about musical immersion and making it as “listenable” as possible. Half of the songs on here sound like background music from the early Power Rangers (and that’s a good thing). Because while most people who call themselves artists settle for being direct ripoffs, hacks, or talentless ripoff hacks, James Freeman is a musician capable of making a slightly parodic version of Thus Spoke Zarathustra… while maintaining the ballsy, blinded-so-goofy genius of naming the track “Diggy Diggy Boop Boop.”

Quite Diggy Diggy Boop Boop indeed. Less songs and more focus on lyrics would be good for the future of this project… but who am I kidding? This is art disguised as pop cultural junk food. Allow yourself to indulge in some potato chipped out fat heavy bliss. Pass that onion dip too.

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