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Turkish artist Mahir CK is a singer, instrumentalist and composer who studied at Berklee. His music is dubbed a mix between Turkish Fusion, Jazz and Pop. He recently released a new single entitled “Black Moon’s Shade” with a soulful sound somewhere between Synthwave and Nu Disco. In the weekend it came out, Black Moon’s Shade was featured on top 10 in TuneCore’s New Music Friday playlists amongst tens of thousands of tracks they distribute every week.

The story behind the lyrics of Black Moon’s Shade was co-developed with the ballad-rock artist Blake Johnston who is the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of Casual Cubs. It started off as an emotional song that was eventually transformed into a positive outlook. Black Moon’s Shade’s melodic and harmonic accompaniments are light while the rhythmic and thematic elements of the song are dominant.

While the song has emotional lyrics, the arrangement contains hardcore 80s electronic pop and 70s disco elements with an uplifting mood. The synth solo and the vocal hook of the drop section gives a kind of escapism and euphoria that is very rare in today’s music!

Give it a listen here!

More about Mahir CK:

Mahir Can Küçük grew up in Turkey. After receiving a degree in industrial design, he graduated from Berklee in 2017, studying contemporary writing and production. His private teachers over the years included Timur Selçuk, Randy Esenwas and Steven Santoro.

The awards he received for his performances and arrangements in western contemporary and his cultural music, and his projects was covered by major Turkish newspapers’ Hürriyet, Habertürk, Milliyet, and the music magazine Andante.

Besides being a writer, arranger and producer, Küçük is a vocalist who features western contemporary music, Turkish classical, traditional, and contemporary music in his repertoire. He is able to sing microtonally, plays baglama, bass guitar, piano, guitar, and hand percussion. He has shared the stage with artists like Aynur, Simon Shaheen, Tigran Hamasyan, Antonio Serrano and also performed an arrangement for Neil Portnow, Lionel Richie, Todd Rundgren, Lucinda Williams, Shin Joong Hyun in Agganis Arena, 2017.

On June 2018, Mahir debuted his popular music identity “Mahir CK”. Meanwhile he is working with Turkish pop artists from İstanbul as an arranger, songwriter and mixing engineer.

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