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The “Self Love” Mindset


At times, many of us deal with underlying negativity towards ourselves. Insecurities and negative energy are easy to detect; however, remember that you are not the only one feeling down on yourself. No matter how confident you are, everyone experiences times of insecurity. Some people who seem to be more confident often have their own battles. If you think the high standards of beauty that society makes for us is unrealistic, you should hear the high standards that “everyday people” have for themselves. Dealing with these problems myself, I’ve realized that this is the mindset you should have for self love. Thus, the “Self Love” mindset was created.

Calm the f*** down

Breathe, it’s not as serious as you think. Nobody notices your pimple or that tag popped out. If you start owning your “flaws” and project positivity you will start to feel better about yourself. None of those small things you’re worrying about will matter in ten years, or even a day.

Remember that you are beautiful the way you are

It doesn’t matter whether you feel more comfortable natural or with a complete glam look, as long as you own it. It’s important to be yourself and wear what embodies that. You won’t feel comfortable living like anyone else. The true you is the most beautiful version of you.

Beauty has no standards

Remember that beauty can not be defined as a shape, color, or size. There is no mold of what a “perfect” person looks like. The perfect person doesn’t exist, so why would you judge yourself for not being perfect? It’s no secret that Instagram models use filters too. As cliché as it sounds, every person is beautiful and deserves to feel like it too.

Beauty comes from within

We’ve all heard that a terrible personality ruins a pretty face, and it’s true! The type of energy you put out into the world determines how others view you. Let’s be honest, nobody can be positive and happy all the time, but trying to look at the bright side of things more often never hurt anyone.

Jessica Fend is an artist and writer from Detroit, Michigan. She is currently a student at Wayne State studying nursing with a minor in art therapy. She has been working towards bringing Detroit artists together to build a supportive creative community.

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