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A Week In Review: May 23rd – May 30th, 2018



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The Good: Russian Journalist Thought Dead, Reappears. Holds Press Conference.

Arkady Babchenko’s friends, family and colleagues are breathing signs of relief after he appeared at a press conference following an announcement from Russian authorities that he was murdered. Babchenko took the podium sheepishly apologizing to his wife and peers and said the hoax was an effort to thwart an actual threat to his life. The reporter’s story has evoked mixed emotions around the world especially in The Ukraine where the initial threat allegedly began. Some are calling the hoax deterimental to the integrity of journalist’s and their stories of persecution, while others say the stunt has brought attention to the systematic problem plaguing media outlets, forced silence. Reporters & whistle blowers for years have been rallying against Russia’s questionable human rights track record just to be found murdered in their homes, a fate Babchenko has so far managed to escape.

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The Bad: Roseanne Takes Ambien, Tweets Racist Comments, ABC responds.

In a strange timeline of events, the popular show Roseanne was quickly cancelled this week only several hours after the star of the show Roseanne Barr tweeted out racially charged language about Obama’s Senior Aid Valerie Jarrett. ABC’s president Channing Dungey went to Twitter and responded swiftly and harshly releasing a statement denouncing the actresses comments and announced ABC would be immediately removing the show from it’s schedule. “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values” he tweeted. Although the move comes as a shock to viewers who have been intently tuning into the revival of the sitcom, even Roseanne tells fans during an “apology” on Twitter not to try and defend her, she apologized for her comments and said she used an Ambien before tweeting, seemingly placing some if not all the blame on the popular sleep aid.


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The Good: Celebrities In India Promote Fitness

This week celebrities, public figures and even the Indian Army took time out of their week to promote health and wellness throughout India. The hashtag #FitnessChallenge has since gone viral and has sparked a slew of followers eagerly accepting challenges and posting their best athletic endevours. The campaign was started by Union Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore (seen above) as an effort to “keep India healthy.” Citing that a 20 minute work out a day is cheaper than illness, Rajyavardhan hopes to make fitness a staple within Indian culture.

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The Bad: Pharma Company Knew About Opioid Abuse, Covered It Up.

In a scandal that’s becoming more insidious as the layers of corruption continue to be peeled back, the Department Of Justice has said that the company responsible for the highly addictive drug Oxycotin not only knew about wide spread abuse of the drug, but covered it up for years. Since 1996 top executives at The Purdue Pharmaceutical Company were warned about the drug’s effect on patients and the epidemic that had begun. The DOJ released emails (seen below) that were sent to top level players in the company proving they were aware of the problem when they testified before Congress in 2000 and lied about it’s deviststing effects. Since the release of the new evidence prosecutors are gearing up to indict Purdue executives citing the public health risk they’ve caused by falsely testifying. Since it’s inception into mainstream medicine, over 200,000 people have reportedly died from opioid overdoes.

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The Good: Walmart Says They’ll Foot The Bill

This week the retail giant Walmart announced they will offering a new educational benefits program for it’s U.S. workers who wish to attend college. For only $1 per day employees can earn a bachelors or associates degree in business or supply chain management, a program that evolved from a 15% refund for employees who took qualified courses. An estimated 1.4 million workers will be eligible for the program that includes both part and full time employes, as well as salaried staff. The move although good for company’s culture and progression is also seen as a strategic move to secure quality workforce as other large chains are providing more opportunities for employees.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Source: marketwatch.com

The Bad: New Tarrifs Are Putting Countries On Edge

This week talks about Europe’s response to Trump’s new tarrifs on steel and aluminum began to escalate with Europe threatening to impose their own tariffs. “We can do stupid too” said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker who is opposed to The U.S.’s  decision to begin taxing countries claiming that Trump is simply placing a choke hold on foriegn revenue to keep American industries strong using “national security” as an excuse. Juncker states that there is no evidence to support the notion that’s tariffs would create a more secure country or have any impact on the security of American citizens. Europe has expressed a willingness to impose their own tariffs on several popular America items such as bourbon and peanut butter in response to the impending trading war.


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Snoop Dogg Makes History

This week in honor of one of his biggest hits, Snoop Dogg broke the Guiness World Record for Largest Paradise Cocktail ever made, complete with an umbrella and giant straw. With over 150 bottles of apricot brandy, 38 jugs of orange juice and 182 bottles of gin, Snoop’s 132 gallon drink may have the entire block lit!


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Crystal Methvin Caught With….You Guessed It!

As if speaking it into exsistence, Crystal Methvin and two others were caught with Crystal Meth this week after an anonymous tip to police. Methvin is currently facing 15 other felony drug possession charges.


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