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Detroit Native Deion Andrew Is Hoping To Go On Tour With Mozzy


Music is essential to many of our lives. For many, music is something we use to motivate ourselves or get us through hard times.

Some of you may know this Detroit native as October the God, but let us re-introduce him by his real name, Deion Andrew. This 23-year-old artist started off by performing as a freshman in high school, continuing to grow as a creator throughout the years.

Recently, this 23-year-old artist has made waves in the music industry. Andrew’s musical influences range from Hip-Hop to Dubstep, which covers a wide range of genres; meaning there is something for everyone.

Some of Deion’s Soundcloud hits consist of his songs, NETFLIX N CHILL, Be Rich, and Mufasa. Listen to his most popular songs below:

Currently, Andrew’s is hoping to get the chance to go on tour with Mozzy, known as @mozzymemba on Instagram. EMCEE is all about supporting and gaining attention towards underground artists. It would mean a lot to Deion as well as EMCEE if everyone could tag Mozzy and hashtag #SleepWalkinChallenge!

Last but not least, check our Deion’s music video he just released:

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Twitter: @DeionAndrew

Instagram: @DeoinAndrew

Facebook: @Itsdeionandrew

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