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The Rise & Growth of Young Entrepreneurs


Millennials are taking entrepreneurship by storm. With a big thanks to social media and many other online platforms these young entrepreneurs can connect with a new diverse audience more than ever before. Have you notice how big corporate businesses, small businesses, and entertainers all crossed over into social media brand marketing? Which now gives the audience the chance to connect with their favorite brand or entertainer.

Many young people with dreams of owning their own small business or becoming an entertainer now have platforms to promote their content and organically grow an audience that takes interest and liking to the brand. Amongst the most successful businesses, brands and entertainers the young entrepreneurs still manage to grow. When the audience take a special liking to a brand or entertainer they are willing to share the content they enjoy amongst friends and family, which can result into exponential growth of the audience. Now most of us know of all the big businesses and entertainers such as fast food companies, restaurants, clothing brands, models, news, magazines, sports, musicians, actors, authors and many others.

Young entrepreneurs now have a chance to create a profitable brand and engage with their fans or consumers because the blueprint of online marketing has been mapped out. Millennials are noticing they do not need major help even though in some cases when these young entrepreneurs do business with major companies, it’s to grow and expand their brand beyond the results they have received on their own. For example, there are plenty of young independent artists from 2012- to present that became popular off social media receiving millions of plays on their music videos, but when it was time to drop an album they’ll make sure they’re signed under a major label for a bigger distribution or they would sign to a major for their own label deal to be able to mange their own artist.

Another venture for millennials are web series, which are mostly found streaming on YouTube. Young entrepreneurs are creating storylines of non-fiction and fiction that tell stories about real life situations or fantasy of a lifestyle the creator wants to express. Web series are a big hit and one specific web series “Money and Violence” landed a deal with Lion Gate, where the creator keeps creative control but gains a bigger push and distribution network so that web series can now reach many different platforms other than YouTube.

Now moving on to independent comedy, have you heard of D.C Young Fly, a comedy inspiration from Instagram that grew a large fanbase off of his personality and funny skits? D.C Young Fly used his social media to connect with others by making them laugh. He popularize sayings such as “Fawk you mean” and “Bring that A** Here Boy” that many people still might be saying till this day. D.C Young Fly has now become a member on Nick Cannon’s “Wild’n Out” onMTV2, costars on a popular and growing Podcast “The 85 South Comedy Show” on Youtube, and has a costarring part in a movie called “Almost Christmas” coming to theaters soon.

This goes to show that young entrepreneurs are on the rise and growing at a rapid pace because millennials know that promoting their brand and content on these online social media platforms might produce the opportunity they need to make it to the next level.


Anthony Alexander is the Founder of Imperial Gift Promotions. His passion is to use his promotion services to connect Independent Artist, Models, IndieFilm, Clothing Brands, Indie Books and Small businesses to platforms that will expand the growth within their Fanbase/Audience. He also have been announced a published poet February 2012 in the DeVry University Poetry Journal. Follow his Twitter @ImperialGiftPro and Instagram @ImperialGiftPromo.

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