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Promo Team

The Promo Team are the key people who help us spread the word about what EMCEE is doing. They are leaders of the movement in their cities and social groups. The team occasionally hits the streets with posters, flyers or stickers and represents the brand while giving away free merch, like lighters and shirts, where ever they go.

Talent Recruiter

Talent Recruiters are the musically inclined hip hop heads who stay ahead of the wave- they know who is making moves and who is about to blow before they blow. Talent Recruiters make sure the EMCEE team is covering the latest and greatest artists out there and help us bring those artists to all of our readers and fans.

Campus Leader

Campus Leader represent EMCEE at their college or university. They spread the word by talking, networking and passing out promo materials. They are also our source for information and opportunities to bring EMCEE activities to their campuses.

Concept Creative

Concept Creatives play an important role in the growth and direction of EMCEE. They help conceptualize content for our magazine and social media campaigns for our Social Media Manger. They offer ideas on for branding and merchandising  campaigns.


Videographers and Photographers are key members of the team. When we’re at team meetings, turning up in Miami, interviewing celebrities, participating in a rooftop cypher or backstage at large events, they capture the excitement for all of our subscribers to see.

Contributing Writer

Our magazine, online and (soon) print, was always intended to be wholesome. EMCEE magazine features masters of all kinds of ceremonies…. masters of music, fashion, art, movements, entrepreneurship, health, sexuality, life. Entertainment. Education. Information.

Social Media

Social Media helpers brainstorm and come up with creative campaigns for our Twitter and Instagram accounts. As a platform that plans to grow into the hundreds of thousands of followers we need to be competitive with other brands who post valuable content.

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