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Roman Stuns with Cinematic Madness on “Solitude” & “Frontside”


Cincinnati-bred and LA-based artist Roman the Cartoon is a force of nature. The lyricist began his career igniting rap beefs in high school but got his start in the industry through songwriting for Korean-Pop group BTS with songs such as “Airplane (Pt 2).” Soon after, he found himself delivering a Billboard Top 20 hit with Nicki Minaj’s “Idol,” which broke Taylor Swift’s record for Most Views In 24 Hours on Youtube.

Roman the Cartoon’s experience in the industry has graced him with the ability to create completely unique and innovative sounds, which can be heard on the two new tracks he just released, “Solitude” and “Frontside.”

This track features an airy tribal minimalist production by Paul White, who produced Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition. The song becomes familiar if you’ve heard Malik Yusef’s (Kanye West’s closest collaborator) new album—it has a similar vibe to Malik’s song “Animals,” which shows you that Roman the Cartoon is capable of creating on the level of someone who is a 24x Grammy Nominee. The song itself paints a psychedelic portrait of someone losing their mind in isolation.

Roman the Cartoon brings guitar into this seductive and boastful hip-hop track. He describes the song as “a dark movie about a greedy guy” and his witty vocals perfectly coalesce with the beat spitting lines like “I live in a house on a cliff in the Hollywood Hills looking down on you hoes with binoculars.”

With multiple Billboard Chart entries and collaborations with critically acclaimed producers, Roman establishes himself as a multi-talented hip-hop artist that heightens the reigns with his experimental style.

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