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New electro-pop anthem from Maggie Szabo (13 Million Youtube Views)


We are excited to show the Emcee readers the new electro-pop dance anthem from Canadian singer Maggie Szabo. Entitled ‘Wide Awake‘ the single features dreamy synthscapes, powerful vocals and dance-worthy beats. Szabo has over 13 million Youtube hits and is known for collaborating with high profile artists across genres. She was recently profiled by Billboardas well as having garnered features on Huffington Post, Yahoo! Music, Perez Hilton and PopCrush.

Maggie Szabo is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been winning over audiences worldwide with her stunningly soulful vocals and empowering pop anthems. Hailing from small town Ontario, Szabo’s now an accomplished musician living in Los Angeles and is using her music to conquer social injustice.

Szabo’s successes to date include over 13 million views on YouTube, extensive media coverage from high profile outlets such as Perez Hilton, Yahoo Music!, PopCrush and Huffington Post, as well as being featured on multiple airline playlists and numerous notable film and TV placements. She recently was the featured vocalist on the album for German electronic DJ Schiller, who has so far sold 7 million albums worldwide.

With a quickly growing fan-base and a social media following that tops some of the nation’s most established pop artists, Szabo has effectively used the internet to showcase and market her songs to the world and her dedicated fans.

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