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Wxnder Y Drops “Nothing To Say”


Salem, Massachusetts, born, Southwest Florida-based singer/songwriter Wxnder Y (pronounced: wonder why) drops “Nothing To Say.”

Co-written/co-produced by Darren Gooden and Jimmy Long, they were sure to develop a modern Pop and Hip Hop sound while bringing Wxnder’s R&B-leaning talents to the forefront. Wxnder Y sings about past love and the desire to reunite with it. At a moment’s notice, he would be on his way, but his romantic interest makes the task more difficult than one would hope for.

“As soon as I heard the sound I knew what direction I wanted to take the melody. I laid it down and got to work. We knew what was being worked on was something a lot of people would enjoy but weren’t ready for, in a good way.” – Wxnder Y

Wxnder Y social media: Twitter | Instagram

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