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The reality of Nicki Minaj’s stupidity became clearer when Azealia Banks called her “Stupid”.


Who is a QUEEN? How do QUEENs act? How do QUEENs react? How do QUEENs carry themselves?

Beyoncé once said in an interview, “Forget all of the record sales, forget tryna compete, or tryna outdo yourself, you should be doing it just because you love it”. Travis Scott released “ASTROWORLD” on August 3rd, and Nicki Minaj released her album a week after. However, Travis Scott’s SPS for “ASTROWORLD” was higher than Nicki Minaj’s “Queen”. “Queen” debuted on Billboard’s Hot 200 chart, moving 185,000 equivalent album units (78,000 in traditional album sales), and “ASTROWORLD” Came in at No.1 for a second straight week, with 205,000 equivalent album units (also 78,000 in traditional album sales). This result made Nicki Minaj mad. In a series of rants, she complained about her album not being number 1 because: Kylie Jenner posted about it on her Instagram, Spotify didn’t promote her album, and because Travis Scott sold some merchandise with his album (which she also did). There is no clear reason as to why she’s pressed about all of this as she continues to digress and stir the topic into other unrelated things like female empowerment, and politics in the industry.

Ever since the numbers came in on the sales of “Queen”, she has turned her timeline into a war zone, attacking various individuals like Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, Stormi, and outlets like Billboard, and Spotify. For many reasons, Minaj reacted like a woman with a broken heart because her album wasn’t number 1. The truth is, she has every right to react if she felt cheated, but her reactions were blind, childish, hateful, shameful, and an embarrassment. The most embarrassing of all was when she blamed Travis Scott’s child, Stormi for contributing to the success of her father’s album. Meanwhile, when The Carters released “Everything Is Love”, it only sold 125k in its first week, and was also a number 2 album. The Carters are greater than Nicki Minaj, and didn’t attempt to tear down the internet for not having the top sales that week. This is an important topic, and it was fun seeing a lot of people make jokes about Nicki Minaj “wylin”, “Being horny”, “Being on crack”, and memes of her crying, and angry. Then Azealia Banks gave her opinion on all of this, and the reality of Nicki Minaj’s stupidity became clearer.

Azealia Banks posted a picture on her Instagram story with words that said, “I’m literally having second hand embarrassment over how stupid Nicki looks right now”. In that post, Azealia raised some serious issues about Nicki’s bitterness about Cardi B having better sales than she did, and making it about a fight for black women. The reason Azealia struggles with her music career today is because she’s done things as stupid as Nicki is doing right now, and is the master of social media rants and attacking other artists for no justifiable reason. So, if Azealia who is a master in that field finds Nicki Minaj’s antics stupid, then it must be truly stupid—stupid beyond Azealia Banks’ level.

In the first place, “Queen” isn’t a great project. In my opinion, it is the worst album in her discography because we’ve heard her rap better. To display all this negative energy over a basic album is distasteful. With so many other talented female rappers like Cardi B, Azealia Banks, Young M.A, City Girls, and Iggy Azalea attracting listeners, Nicki has proved she can’t stand competition, and can be bitter about the success of others. She’s like a spoiled, petty, and selfish only child. She has also created her own platform, “Queen Radio” to try and fight social media users. While this shows she certainly has a lot of free time, that’s something non of the respected female artists in the industry will stoop so low to do because it’s petty, and unnecessary. This isn’t a platform for her to interact with her fans, it’s a platform for her to fight—fight the industry, fight media outlets, fight journalists, and fight regular internet users.

On her show today, referring to Travis Scott, she said “Autotune man is out here selling sweaters, got you dumbasses thinking he sold half a million albums”. This was said by the same woman using 6ix9ine’s name to sell the same “sweaters” on her website. The same woman who made music with three “autotune” men. She continued to disrespect La Flame by giving him the “Hoe Nigga Of The Week” award. Travis Scott was in his lane, pushing his music, and enjoying positive comments about “ASTROWORLD” before the 35 year old, Minaj brought nothing but a hailstorm of negative energy because her album didn’t debut at number 1. At this point, Nicki Minaj is the embodiment of negative energy. So negative that a subset of her fans are tired of her rants.

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