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Here’s Every XXXTentacion Song EVER


Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, A.K.A. XXXTentacion, was an American rapper and songwriter that pushed the boundaries of alternative hip hop.

Known for his turbulent wailing and hyper aggressive bars, X took a great deal of influence from 90’s music icons Tupac Shakur and Kurt Cobain. As his career progressed, his music became even more experimental, taking influence and dabbling in the mellow melancholy of his favorite bands (Coldplay, The Fray, and early Gorillaz included).

After this week, Emcee has been shook regarding his passing. So, we scoured Youtube and found a list of every song Jahseh ever put out during his short two decade span on this pale blue dot. From the original cut of “Angel,” the somber piano roll emo of fan favorite “Amy Winehouse,” to the chaotically breezy “I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore,” this playlist shows the amount of musical range this guy had for someone so damn young.

“I’m really into multi-genre things that aren’t just based around rapping itself. I’m more inspired by artists in other genres besides rap” – X

It certainly shows. For me, hearing him sing on “Again” shows how much range and originality this guy had as well as his constant penchant for combining genres.

Let us know your favorite tracks and comment with what lyrics have hit you the hardest. Stay safe.


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