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This is America [🇺🇸]: New Times, New Rules, New Age


What a time, to be alive! Drakes about to go on tour with the ‘3 Amigos’, Kanye West is set to make his re-entry into culture, Donald Trump is still President, Donald Glover (a.k.a: Childish Gambino) taps into America’s climate with this new music video, while Meek Mill takes his battles and uses it as a tool for real progress in American jail reform. No matter if you love or hate anybody on this list, one thing that all 5 of them have in common, is that they have all triggered our minds for change, or for what’s next to come – whatever that may be. Change is happening not only in the Hip-Hop industry, but also in all the industries that are inadvertently influenced by it’s popularity, including: politics, sports, and fashion. In this article, I’ll be diving into how Kanye West, Childish Gambino, and Meek Mill have all been able to create change, that should have lasting effects in their respective spaces.

Let’s start with Yeezus himself – Kanye West. For the past month, we have literally watched Kanye West walk his way into a ‘mine field’, from his incorrectly interpreted comments on slavery, to that hit single with SmokePurpp. Because of the debacle that took place at TMZ, many has viewed his approach to change as dangerous, while not recognizing what Kanye West was truly able to accomplish – creating conversation that surrounds topics, that should’ve been discussed and handled already. In order to create change, there must be open dialogue about what we want to change. Communication is key for us to get to the source of our problems. It takes bravery to say what’s on your mind – no matter if the whole world disagrees; as long we all openly & freely express ourselves, we would then be able to see where we all stand in culture, allowing us to realign ourselves with whatever we feel is right. This is change.

 “This Is America” – Childish Gambino’s most recent music video has brought attention back to the climate of ‘The Land of the Free’, reminding us that we still aren’t as free as we should be. The abrasive music video catches Gambino tapping into his ‘inner-Prince’ with the dance moves, while showing the hypocrisy of America’s human rights, and gun rights. How can a man use a tool for such acts, yet the tool is still more revered than the man? It’s almost as if a gun nowadays is seen as a deity; some might not see this as horrible, the least we could do is put more ‘respek’ on our name – as humans.

Someone who is now fighting for more human rights after his release from jail, is Meek Mill. More than 10 years on probation, with continuous misunderstandings and irresponsibility at the hands of government, Meek Mill’s last stint in jail was the final straw, as he watched his freedom dwindle away over incidents where no crime were committed. In his interview on “Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club’” he states, that being behind the bars and having enlightening conversations with inmates, motivated him to take action once he got out of jail; and action Meek Mill took, after bringing in politicians and billionaires to walk in his shoes, and seeing Philadelphia rally and protest in support of his freedom, Meek Mill sat down with Gov. Tom Wolf is hopes to reform the criminal justice system of Pennsylvania. Time will tell if any changes actually happen – considering the times we are in though, change is definitely inevitable in some form or fashion.

America has came a long way, yet has so far to go in order to fully appreciate most of it’s citizens, in all of it’s cities. Yes, Trump is President, all that should do is inspire us to really inact change. Kanye West, Donald Glover, and Meek Mill are three of the latest figures in this culture who have sparked conversations that will lead to change in America. Expect more changes in other industries, as the times we are in call for their revolution. This is America – This, is ‘God’s Plan’.

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