Home Music Official Music Video: Jayo Sama – “Fresh Out”

Official Music Video: Jayo Sama – “Fresh Out”


The legend of Jayo Sama continues. Right after being released out of Lake City Correctional Prison, the rising star of south Florida wasted no time in getting back in the booth – getting straight to it with “Fresh Out”.

The single paints a picture of how these trials & tribulations Jayo Sama has been through, are nothing more than obstacles put in his way to teach. The aggression in his delivery is the epitome of how he attacks life, his dreams, and if necessary – his enemies.

Consistently releasing singles since his release in March, Jayo Sama has proven what passion and tunnel vision can create – an unstoppable force of a wave – you know what, we calling it a tsunami. Jay-O goes out of his way to make sure his hometown of Lake Park, FL (in Palm Beach County, Florida) gets put on the map, which is selfless, when you take into consideration the rough surroundings he has to go in, in order to make that happen. “Fresh Out” – watch the music video below!

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