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Extraterrestrial: An Interview With ALI3NHEAD


Despite the title, U.K. artist ALI3NHEAD is very much from Earth. He hails from North West London. Even though the United States isn’t where he was born, ALI3NHEAD still has a strong connection with the music scene that it has. There is influence that drew him, as he cites his brother as the one who was a big fan of Hip-Hop growing up and would listen to the likes of Nas, The Notorious B.I.G as well as others. As a kid, he used to get into trouble quite often, one of the reasons being the people he was surrounded by. His brother comes into play again, with him doing his best to prevent ALI3NHEAD from getting caught up in adverse situations. Nonetheless, he managed to shake that off and hone in to his love of music so that he could turn it into a career. Take a look below, as we pick his brain to find out more about him.

Where Did Your Stage Name Originate?

A:  I mean, I’ve always considered myself sort of an outsider, socially and interest wise where I’m from in the U.K.  Over here, we push a certain culture where it’s either fit in or get out, especially in music and I strive to be the one who changes that, you know?  Be the voice for other people who can relate, no matter what the background and be the ‘head’ of all the ‘alienated’ people. 


Elaborate A Little More On The Impact Your Brother Had On You Getting Into Music.

A:  My brother’s a big part of my origin because he was really the one who put me on to Hip-Hop. He’s a fanatic. Name any 90’s rapper: Nas, Biggie, you name it. He had them on his wall, so I was always immersed in the culture. But, I always sought out a difference, which led me branching into different genres, such as metal and rock. I picked up the guitar just from getting inspired after playing Guitar Hero. That taught me that I had a knack for melodies; the way I was effortlessly coming up with them, you can hear how it translated into my use of auto tune, which I’d say I use like a guitar. With older Hip-Hop, it kind of stayed in its lane, nothing like how it does now, where genres are just getting fused together.  That made me want to come up with a different sound.  


 Who Do You Get Inspiration Or Influence From, Whether It Be Music Or Just Life In General? Which Artists Do You Listen To?

A:  Music’s become my escape, my release – the time where I feel most myself. Seeing people like Lil Wayne or Travis Scott take charge of the whole industry with these unconventional sounds they started with really show me that what we are  doing here as artists is art . I guess I try and be a studio rat like them and spend as much time in there as I can . I’m trying to expand to as many styles that I can,  simply out of the love of being creative. My music really revolves around the vibe more then what I say, but if you really pay attention, I do take the time to create something that would give you a crazy, visual experience in your head. I got a real futuristic aesthetic to everything I do, whether it be the videos I direct, the artwork I use, or the sounds I bring which I  audio engineer myself (literally because no one wanted to do it for me during this come up).  I don’t want to simply rap, I  have a passion for singing and I try to always bring something new to the table, like with my metal trap screamo sound as well as my unique take on auto tune. I feel like I have something on my catalog for all ears. 


If you weren’t making music, what would you be into?

A:  I definitely think I’d be directing movies if not music. I got so much imagery going on in my head man, it’s like I live in there.

How Do The Visuals To The Music Come To Be?

A:  A lot of my art and visuals comes from my inspiration I gained from anime and a large amount of Japanese culture.  



alienhead 2


What are you currently working on?

A:  Man, so much in the works right now! It’s going to be a big year for sure. I have a project called ‘Vendetta’ coming out shortly, where I think I’ve really come into my element vocally. The whole theme will revolve around anyone who’s ever sensed themselves as the underdog and just waiting to get to the next level. Currently, I’m working with a wide range of videographers to expand my music video catalogue, but I am definitely a firm believer in quality over quantity. I just want to make sure which songs deserve a visual and which still give you the same experience with only the audio. Another thing is, I’m putting together a team of artists who share the same vision as me in our group RAWSOWND and you guys really need to check out my guys Lil Sean Jon and Tyzely this year too. 


Where do you see your career in the next 5 or 10 years?

A:  Honestly man, if I can work with some of my idols in the next couple of years, that’s my to-do list ticked off. If I could be in the studio with Kanye?! Someone could shoot me there and I’d be good.  Like I said, inspiring and innovating is my main goal and I know if I keep honing my skills, I will be one of the greats one day.


Lastly, why should the world know about you?

A:  One thing the world needs to know about me is I’m one of the most, if not the most determined person out here to make my goals happen. This has evolved from wanting to prove doubters wrong, to feeling like a mission has already been laid out for me.  



This was some insight into someone who’s looking to make a splash in the music world and also become great while doing so.  Certainly, be sure to stay on the lookout for ALI3NHEAD, as he has no plans of slowing down


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