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New Music: Henny & Heartbreak


What’s valentine’s day without Henny and Heartbreak?

New York artists Rose & TJ Spanish collaborate on a melodious project filled with lyricism and euphony.


“Why the title Henny & Heartbreak?”

“Great question, we knew we wanted to do this project for Valentine’s Day and that would give our tapes some time to marinate and let people get comfortable with it. Then, we was just trying come up with a theme and nothing too cheesy. We came up with a couple of titles but Henny & Heartbreak was the best. I love Henny it’s my Favorite liquor and so does Rose. I’ve been through a heartbreak before, Rose has as well, but the tape is a mixture of heartbreak and party songs. A lot of the lyrics on this tape were thought of way before we spoke about doing the mixtape. “Made in Tokyo” and “Body Calling” are the only two songs released before the tape, and both songs have a different vibe. Body calling is just a straight up party song, Made in Tokyo is a catchy song about girls not being real and it was easy for me to put our personal experiences. I feel like we say things that a lot of people can relate to whether we’ve been through these things or we have a fear of going through it.”

 “What inspired the collaboration?”

“We knew each other for about five years. We attended the same college freshman and sophomore year so we had a good repertoire with each other.  We dropped our individual tapes, We both listened to each other’s projects and thought we would be able to make a dope project. We have similar content in our songs so we was throwing some beats back and forth and we got started in December. “Body Calling”, “Missed Calls”, and “Worth It” were some of many tracks we’ve recorded together. It’s easy working with each other because we find ways to incorporate each others ideas to create one sound. We like this tape better than our previous projects and believe people will agree once they listen to it.”

“Which songs did you enjoy creating the most?”

TJ Spanish: “Gotta say “Body Calling”, “The Function” and “Missed Calls”. “Missed Calls” was an amazing creative process. We were both in and out of the booth brainstorming and it ended up being one of the best songs on the tape. “The Function” was extremely exciting. I found the beat but Rose didn’t like it. He ends up doing a hook and it was fire, so I do my first verse and we listen to it. I’m waiting for him to do his verse and then he says “Ty I ain’t gon lie, you should prolly just do the 2nd verse too”. So I literally had to come up with the second verse right there at the last minute, and the song is fire we definitely gotta do the video for that. “Shake Something” was fun because I’m used to really rapping and bars, I just started playing with the autotune when me and Rose started working together, so “Shake Something” was something new and it ended up sounding nice. People that we let hear it early was surprised that I made a song like that because that’s not my signature style.”

Rose: “Honestly, “The Function”, the song speaks for itself. As soon as it drops, people are going to want to party and get right with their friends. “Made in Tokyo”, vividly gives you the emotions we go through being in that environment. “Body Calling” is definitely a party sensation. That song is going to have bring a different vibe in the atmosphere once it is played in the party.”

Henny & Heartbreak released on Valentines Day on DatPiff, Soundcloud, and Spinrilla.

Rose resides in Bronx, NY. Rose discovered his fondness for music after creating a song with his friends and getting a lot of positive feedback. Some of his musical inspirations includes Trey Songz and Drake, but he continued to say his biggest inspiration are the situations he has faced and continues to face. Rose has performed at several open mic competitions called BXopenmic.

Rose has a solo project called “Mixy Vibes”. This project can be found on DatPiff, Soundcloud, Spinrilla. He released a video for his single “Mixy Vibes”.


TJ Spanish is born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Music was always around him but he didn’t take it seriously until after college. His musical inspirations come from Drake and A boogie, he explains “I can relate to those two artist the most”. He goes on further to say that A boogie’s first mixtape “Artist” inspired him to write music more often. He has performed in several locations in Brooklyn such as Silent Barn & Social Butterfly and at Alfred State College in Upstate NY.

TJ Spanish has a solo project called “Take 2”. This project can be found on DatPiff, Soundcloud, and Spinrilla.  



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