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Tastebreakers Announces Release of Throwback Slow Jam “Long Time” Featuring XIX


LA-based producer duo Tastebreakers is excited to announce the release of their newest single “Long Time,” a throwback slow jam perfect to keep you warm on cold winter nights. After a successful 2017 of music releases, Tastebreakers momentum continues to build with their latest single. “Long Time” is infused with elements of soul, R&B, hip-hop, and electronica. “Long Time” combines together early 1990’s hip-hop and soul with a forward-thinking beat to create a new school flair. The beat is perfectly complemented with the romantic and sultry vocals of recording artist Calvin “Tum Tum” Brown, better known by his stage name XIX (pronounced Nineteen). “Long Time” marks the third collaboration between Tastebreakers and XIX, the two earlier collaborations being “New Money” and “City Country Grammar.” “Long Time” is now available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Open minded and accepting of all genres of music, Tastebreakers are on a mission to show that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Their goal is to bring cultural unity to society through the power of music and food. Growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley, a career in the arts was never considered an option for Kato or Waseel. Close friends since high school, the duo reconnected in college through music. After DJing a handful of parties together, the two began to meet on a weekly basis to make music. What was once a hobby began to turn into a passion, and the duo began to realize that a future in tech was not for them. Leaving a stable position with a major tech company, Waseel moved to LA in the Fall of 2015 to attend the renown production school, Icon Collective, as Kato finished garnering a degree from San Francisco State in audio engineering.

Since then, the duo has made some major strides in just over a year. Their experimental take on contemporary and old-school hip-hop and R&B has gained support amongst a diverse set of fans. The flexibility of their style and sound has resulted in them sharing the stage with acts such as T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, Falcons, ARMNHMR, Dumbfounded, SNBRN, Joe Kay, and many more. In 2017, the duo looks to build upon the success of the last year and recruit more people to their movement. Tastebreakers believes in free will and pushing the boundaries of what is possible will resonate with others through their music.

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Recording artist Calvin “Tum Tum” Brown, better known by his stage name XIX (pronounced Nineteen), is an American rapper, singer, and drummer. Born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in the rural, country town of Folkston, Georgia he began his music career in 2009 with a group of college friends, who were all apart of the affiliation, Varsity Team. He currently resides in Southern California. XIX released his debut mixtape No Sleep in February 2013. No Sleep was hosted by DJ Swamp Izzo and debuted on popular music site livemixtapes.com. In June 2014, his second mixtape, Road To Glory, came out on LiveMixtapes and was hosted by DJ 864 and DJ Showtime. XIX’s third mixtape, “Blessed” debuted earlier this year. He released his fourth mixtape, Blessed 2 on his 25th birthday, October 18th.

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