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John Wicks & Kodak Black Joins Forces With Wyclef Jean For “Haiti” Music Video


The brothers running Florida – John Wicks & Kodak Black links up with foreign politician, but most notable as a legendary artist apart of “The Fugees” – Wyclef Jean, to release this new single as an ode to their beautiful, homeland country of Haiti. John Wicks sets the scene with his catchy, melodic, soothing hook over an  oceanic vibed out beat.

Kodak catches the wave, keeping the tone lively, while promoting loyalty in the process. He brings the fun to the song, expressing his arrogance because he has finally tasted success, then showing his balance in this duality by showing that when it’s time to handle business – he’s on the front lines. Kodak talks about linking up with Wicks in Haiti to practice their spirituality, then heads back to the states to continue his quest to provide for his family.

John Wicks gets sentimental in the 2nd verse, embracing his struggle and understanding that this exact struggle is what provided him with insight on what path he should be on. One thing about the legend of Wicks, is that whatever obstacle he faced, he conquered it with ferociousness.

The honorable Wyclef Jean provides the song with an illustrious 3rd verse. Wyclef tells us the tale of his version of the “Westside Story” – his life. From sleeping on the floor with barely any rice to eat, to the man he is today – Wyclef’s journey took perseverance, fearlessness, and a lot of faith. Through listening to the wise ones in his life, he was able to transcend his circumstances. At a time in his life, where it looked as if he was in chaos, it ended up being a time of elevation (only able to notice this hindsight 20/20). From being impoverished, to chasing his dreams in the land of the free, Wyclef trusted the process and is now reaping the benefits of his patience. These 3 form a perfect trifecta for this “Haiti” single, each bringing different, yet similar perspectives to the table. One thing they all have in common is the foundation of their success – staying true to themselves. Stay true, stay focused, stay humble, and success is yours; similar to principles to that of America (not by coincidence since both countries are founded on independence and justice). 

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