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Sad Generation – “Rockstar / Bury Me Alive” (Official Music Video)


We’re only 22 days into 2018, and we’ve already seen an explosion in the hip-hop music scene (especially in Florida), more people are finding uncommon ways to express their truths, and most importantly, we’ve seen the White House fall into shambles (not sure if that’s a good thing). As these puzzle pieces come together to make this the best year in rap since ‘88, new artists with new aesthetics, and new approaches, make their way into the scene to create a new wave; one artist out of South Florida who has been able to light up a new movement has been Sad Generation. With knowledgeable insight, aggressive energy, and a rebel with a cause mentality, Sad Generation has been able to amass a modest cult-following, extending from the beaches of Miami, to the Treasure Coast. Fresh off his mini-tour (which feature rising artists Lil Toenail & Icy Narco), Sad Generation has entered the new year with more aggression, delivering a 2-for-1 music video with “Rockstar” & “Bury Me Alive”. In both halves of the video, ‘Sad Gen’ flirts with the grim reaper, as he paints his inner-rage in sonic form. “Rockstar” is able to showcase the climate of today’s chaotic times, while ‘Sad Gen’ shows us his stance on the 45th President, inviting us into his mayhem party. “Rockstar” sets the vibe before “Bury Me Alive” takes us down a darker path of self-destruction. “Bury Me Alive” could be looked at as the rebirth of Sad Generation, as his bad habits lead him into a nightmarish reality, or a bad dream. Sad Generation uses these 2 sonic motion pictures to set the tone for the direction that his camp will be headed in this year. SAD SZN is never too far away, stay on the lookout for Sad Generation.


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