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Short Film: “Apology Accepted” by Sylvan LaCue


Apology Accepted, a short film that takes us on the path where self-reflection and inner-conflict intersect. The film documents the perspectives of 9 individuals(including LaCue) on their journey to self-love, and how it clashes with their goals in the entertainment industry; each dynamic varying from the next, with the common thread being – the need for acceptance. The short film shows the level that each individual is on to discovering their inner-worth, it shows us that everyone has to fight demons, it embraces vulnerability, while showing how you can transform that into confidence. The film builds up tense emotions through the first 8 interviewees, then finally exploding through Sylvan LaCue(9th interview), as he dives into the specifics of his character’s journey. What the film teaches you is that true success is found looking inward instead outward; as Drake would say “Know yourself, know your worth [negus]”. You must learn to balance the thirst for material objects, with the quest for spiritual freedom. You add value to the world, once you tap into the unique DNA every 7.4 billion of us has been blessed with. Stay true to your path. So who is the apology to? The apology is to yourself. Accept yourself, for that is the only person that can never let you down. Loving yourself(without becoming a narcissist), will only attract more love, putting you in a better position in the universe than ever imagined. Find your passion, throw some love sauce on there, then let the world eat it up – it’ll be as if it was magic.

[Directed by Jonathan Benavente]

“Apologies in Advance” Available Everywhere Now.

Listen/Stream: smarturl.it/apologiesinadvance

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