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5 Motivational IceBerg Videos To Bring In The New Years


  1. “Trynna See Something”

The roller coaster ride, the trials & tribulations that the streets come with it, is all too known to Iceberg, and in “Trynna See Something”, he does a sensational job of painting this in a vivid picture. He might be shining now, but it took effort and dedication. He didn’t let the hurdles make him, instead he used knowledge gained from his surrounding environment to get back his feet. After learning these lessons, he know is focused on what matters most – wealth. He advises his listeners to avoid distractions and get straight to the bag; find you an investor. Time is money, so you better spend it wisely.

  1. “Go Mode”

Pure motivation. Once you get the snowball rolling, keep going until it’s as big as you can conceive it to be, then let it melt away into a sea of your desires. Billion Berg uses this music video to show us that you can manifest anything,as long as you direct the proper energy behind it. Once you wake up, it’s time for “Go Mode”. Berg takes a trip down memory lane, confronting events that got his closet associates in the penitentiary; he sends motivation their way by letting them know, that when that release date touchdown, their going to be able bathe in success as well. He turns his back to haters, and concentrates on the his goals, got to get it by any means necessary. Dire times never lasts forever; stay true to yourself, and keep it 1k, all will turn out good in the end.

  1. “They Ain’t Wanna Listen”

Oh, you thought Berg was gone forever? You thought. The bounce back was in the works all along. On “They Aint Wanna Listen”, Iceberg lets the naysayers know that his return isn’t a fad, and this time he’s playing for keeps. In the process of the comeback, a few friends and family decided to divert from the plan, they haters counted him out; so he laid low, plotted of the landscape of the industry, and made sure his next move his best move. The single is a humble way of saying ‘I told you so’. The lesson we learn here, is that sometimes it’s best to be patient and trust the process.

  1. “Ion Wanna Have To”

“Ion Wanna Have To” invites us into a realm of nostalgia; while Iceberg, Trev Rich, and A.P goes into reflection mode. Berg addresses a few situations that has caused him to be humble from the fallout with the woman in his life, to fallen soldiers. Even after all this, he kept his faith in God, and was ble to prevail on the successful side. He recruits Sidmfkid on the hook to turn the vibe of the track into a sonic motion picture. Trev Rich dives into reflection during a sedated state. He recognizes his success comes from the values within. Courtrooms and funerals are nothing new to him, in fact, he’d probably had to put up some money in both instances. Even when envious energy made it’s way into his circle, he dealt with it accordingly, then moved on. Trev also talks about the youth’s immaturity in sacrificing their health with drugs, for the sake of attention. A.P vents about the demons and dealings, and talks about how a change of circumstances, can reveal the true character of his acquaintances out of his community. When he was starving, ain’t no one tried to serve him a plate; now that’s he ‘s up, those same ones are now throwing salt in the air. Keep the negativity at a distance.

  1. “Hustler of The Year”

After a successful year, Billion Berg reflects on his journey back to the top, without taking his foot off the pedal with this music video “Hustler of The Year”. He invaded the industry with a plethora of mixtapes, his LiveHouse brand is prospering, and he got a shout out from Jay Z during the “4:44”concert stop in Miami. Don’t think for a second, that the route back to success was easy though; it took focus. The universe broke him down, once he got to the bottom he was able to tap into a different energy that allowed him to take his successes to a level never seen before. He kept his eyes on the prize. He kept his attention on his path; and finally the investments of his time, energy, and currency is paying off. Crowning himself “Hustler of The Year”, Billion Berg vows to keep his mind on the road to greatness, not settling for anything that won’t better him.


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