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Plies Is Back With The 3rd Installment of His “Ain’t No Mixtape Bih” Series


Plies, the Florida legend has returned with the third installment of his “Ain’t No Mixtape Bih” series. The project consist of 18 tracks recorded in true Plies fashion, – in the Ritz Carlton, which is dope for the aesthetic, but annoying on production from such a top tier Florida artist. “To Whom It May Concern” is a letter to a few anonymous people he’s crossed path with in his life, bragging about his accomplishments, and stunting on the haters . One thing I’m not a fan of though, is his judgmental attitude towards sex workers, it’s 2017 – get over it. On “Comin’ To Eazy”, Plies continues the flexing, this time in a motivational manner, appreciating the wealth and the rate at which it’s racking in his bank. From having his hands in real estate, to his fleet of luxurious car, Plies is in a great position. He continues the motivation on Track #3 – “I Gotta Keep Winning”, linking up with rising artist Dae Dae to promote love and attention to the grind. “Rock” is where you hear the real Plies vibe, with a hint of Pompano’s Dopeboy Stoner flow…maybe a little more than hint. He shows love to his ride or die queen. Happy wife, happy life, and he makes sure to put that pussy on a pedestal, expressing his love every chance he can in the music video. On “Sackway”, Plies preaches to chase the bag and stay focused on the hustle. He also shows love to Miami’s Lil Pump by throwing “Gucci Gang” in the hook.

Track #6 catches Plies continuing the stunt. From flying to Vegas to skipping any lines he’s in, Plies is definitely using his celebrity to his advantage. His “[My] Bag Different”, therefore competition is obsolete. Plies delivers his second single revolved around the worshiping of his queen with “Bosses”, wanting her to fit with him like puzzle, going together like mathematics. He brings Kash Doll in to give the perspective of love from a woman in a truly boss position. “Thottie” is full of hypocrisy, claiming he’s playboy, yet he doesn’t fuck with thots. We leaving thot-shaming in 2017 and respecting woman from now till infinity. In the words of superstar Kodak Black – “If we got chemistry, fuck your history”! Track #9 – “Viral” consist of Plies championing the method that as allowed his career to prosper as for a decade plus. He makes a right-turn to head-honcho avenue, speaking “Boss Language” to those who can understand, and if you don’t understand than you really not from the lifestyle. He moonwalks in his red bottoms as he sets his sights on picking up his weekly profits. Staying in grind mode, Plies go over his checkbooks with a fine comb, telling his competition to “Catch Up” in the next single, bragging about hitting licks in Balmain jeans.

Track #12 titled “How I’m Coming”, giving the world an insight into some of his principles. “Pickin’ Up Bags” catches Plies bussing a u-turn back to head-honcho avenue. As he cruises through the city, he makes sure to pick up the funds he’s left in his community to accumulate in the hands of some hard-working folks, with the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in their DNA. Plies then enlists Jeremih for his third single revolved around his queen titled “Gorgeous”; as if Jeremih didn’t have enough records that you can make babies to. Both appreciate the beauty of the woman in their life, from the time she wakes up with her bonnet on, till she sleeping with no makeup. Track #15 catches Plies diving in the dog food flow, bars as tan as the sand – “Heroin Flow”. His flow so dope, he might get indicted for it. He touches upon the underworld and his past demons he’s been able to surpass. On “Above Ground”, he shows us his grateful side, being thankful for being alive after all he’s been through. He still have all his senses so how could any of his days end bad? It can’t, and he’s making sure the devil won’t get his way. He also preaches to stay aware, because if you arnt, you won’t be able to see your blessing 99% of the time, even when it’s right in front of your face. On “Leveled Up”, he knows his energy will be rewarded for all the favors he put in the universe. He’s stays ten toes down, and focused on the grind so it’s only deserving. Karma doesn’t forget about anybody. Track #18 titled “Best Life” – the outro, the finale of “Aint No Mixtape Bih 3” consist of Plies promoting a positive affirmation, to do what’s best for him at all times, regardless of circumstances. He brushes of the negativity with ease, knowing that he’s now in a position in life that requires him to do nothing be relax and enjoy his earnings. The tape is vintage Plies, and what’s brilliant is his ability to stay up to date with current trends and infuse it with his authentic art. Enjoy!

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