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How South Florida Artists Are Blurring The Lines Between Punk Rock & Soundcloud Rap


The top song on the Billboard charts, which just so happen to be the top song on Soundcloud & Youtube as well, is “Rockstar” by 21 Savage & Post Malone. Coincidence? I think not. Over the last 7 years as Soundcloud became the go-to platform for independent artist to release music, a plethora of rappers have emerged out of Florida that have been able to capture the hearts & minds of the youth across America. With a growing sense of rebellion (with a cause) spreading around the states, drug epidemic, & attempts from those in power (i.e. Donald Trump) to suppress the voices of those rebelling, it only makes sense that the rebirth of that grungy, anti-norml, punk sound be around the corner.

At the forefront of this movement are South Florida artists: Fukkit, XXXTentacion (recently signed to Capitol Records; same label to 1st sign Exodus & Megadeth), & Pouya. XXX being ‘head-honcho’ so far. The correlations of his life to that of the notorious punk rocker Sid Vicious is astonishing, from their heroin addiction, to entanglements with horrific, suspected domestic violence, & their stance on being the opposition of the social & political conditions of the times. Both are known for concert stunts. Both have been subjected to being punched in the face, during a live show. As time has it now, everything is in line for an unfortunate ending – let’s all just pray the story doesn’t end the same. As to the mysterious, Fukkit & pioneer of vulnerability, Pouya. These underdogs, Fukkit (hailing out of Broward County) and Pouya (Miami native), has helped carve out the sound of the scene; Fukkit’s influence beginning with his single “NASCAR” (formerly featuring WifisFuneral & SolomonDaGod). Pouya’s influence came indirectly in his heavy involvement with SuicideBoy$. Evolving into a consistent staple for a fair representation of Punk Rock, these South Florida underdogs has yet to, but up next to – garner national attention.

These 3 may be the cream of the crop when it comes to emerging “Punk Rock” talent, but don’t for a second, think that they’re not more players in the game when it comes blurring the lines of “Soundcloud Rap” & “Punk Rock”. Denzel Curry, Sabino, Lil Pump, WifisFuneral, Ski Mask The Slump God, Robb Bank$, BRANDO, Smokepurpp (recently signing to Travis Scott’s ‘Cactus Jack Records’), Yungboi Trunks, & Lil Toenail, all supply an endless amount of punk spirit, energy, and creativity to assure the light will be on Florida as the next decade approaches. Shit – look at the inspiration behind Smokepurrps debut album cover.

That’s GG Allin. He took on-stage antics to a level that has yet to be duplicated. The man had some sort of poop fetish, as he would regularly take poops during shows, launching the body-waste towards his fans, eating it on occasion. He was the innovator of being a “Tyga”, as he would revel in 17 & 18 year old woman. He would beat up his own fans on stage. He vowed to commit suicide during a live show, but was never presented the opportunity due to his inevitable overdose. This sense of rebellion could be attributed to the pressure his parents bestowed on him by naming him Jesus Christ Allin. Where GG Allin & Smokepurpp crosses paths in the universe doesn’t stop at the album cover. It continues to the overall perspective of how & where their artistry is viewed by the industry and fans, compared to their in-state counterparts. Sub-par. Could use some improvements. Smokepurpp is currently in the midst of his progression with a chance to elevate it to a level GG Allin was never able to get to with his signing to Travis Scott.

All these artists are searching for is an outlet to express themselves in a way they’ve never been able to before. With the path of some of these new age, hip-hop, punk rockers, being cemented by major label contracts, you can guarantee to hear more from them as the next decade approaches; whether we like it or not. The existence of such art is an effect of generational frustration so why make it more than what it is, and just appreciate it for what it is.

Rage is the name of the game. Pent-up aggression partnered with a sensitive ego in need of some validation are keys to the creation of a punk rocker. What other place can create such an artist better than Florida? Our state has a diverse population (mostly 1st generation American citizens) causing diverse ideas leading to a more liberal approach to maneuvering. What happens when you put extremely conservative officials to oversee these liberal citizens? Rebellion. Anarchy. Last but not least – great music.

P.S…Without SpaceGhostPurp, this wave wouldn’t exist.

The End.

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