Elly Kaya Talks with Up-and-coming Miami Artists at CDV


For those in South Florida, there was a lot of buzz leading up the 5th annual Creative District event (CDV) that was held at Mana Wynwood at the end of July. The event boasted a stacked lineup with several up-and-coming local Broward and Dade County rappers, visual artists, and a very big hype surrounding the final headliners of the night: Famous Dex and Young Thug. The event has come and gone, and ultimately there are a lot of mixed reviews about the organization of the event due to the fact that Famous Dex and Young Thug ended up being no-shows for the night. Needless to say there were several disappointed people: the organizers of the event, the fans that paid to see Thugger and Dex, and everyone else in between who participated in the promotion and execution of CDV.

Despite the disappointment from the no-show artists, CDV still happened. The visual and musical talent that held up the event, put their work out there on display and put on a show for the paying event-goers and made the time in Mana worth showing up and supporting the local arts scene. I was asked by the organizers of the event to conduct some backstage interviews with the artists of the night and was really excited about catching up with the local talent that I listen to on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to chat with Twelve’Len, DJ Chief Pound, Iceberg (Dade County), and Hot Boy Caleb (Broward). Watch the interviews below and see what they had to say about CDV, their music, and what they have in store for the future.

Twelve’Len (@TwelveLen)

Twelve’Len “Friends” on Spotify:
Twelve’Len feat. Iceberg, “Naked Hustle” on Spotify:

DJ Chief Pound (@CHIEF_POUND)

Iceberg (@IceBerg305)

Iceberg “Real is Rare” on Spotify:
Iceberg “I Never Lied” Spotify:

Hot Boy Caleb + Dynasty Boys (@HOTBOYCALEB)

Hot Boy Caleb and Dynasty Boys SoundCloud:

Take a look at the images shot by Carlos Gallego from the shows at CDV below:


Elly Kaya
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