XXXTentacion is not only one of the most controversial artists to break into the industry in 2017 but also a figure with a breakout journey that is more fascinating than any of the “freshman” rappers who have come into the limelight in recent years.

X, as his cult-like fans would call him, has had a whirlwind of a year. With accusations without hard evidence that landed him months of jail time to a national tour that was as dangerous for him as everyone who was involved.

We’re not sure if the hate he has received is due to his music, the accusations against him or simply disagreeances with what he has to say about the world.

What we do know is XXXTentacion has something to say.

From what this South Florida artist has said in previous interviews, we believe it’s safe to say he goes deeper than the surface. For those that have yet to watch and read these interviews, you may be surprised at what you find if you go looking. Below are some of the answers he has given that prove he’s more than this demonic figure people portray him as.

“Life is but a perception. The way you perceive things is very important…. life is but brainpower. Life revolves around your brain. Life is purely the brain and your thought process. Your conscious and subconscious mind rule the world, so what I’ve learned is that nothing else matters. Nothing else matters except what you desire and what your dreams are. The whole purpose of humanity is to create, and the problem is that everybody reaches a certain point of enlightenment, it upsets the balance.”

“As far as what I accomplish as an artist, I want to leave something good for the youth and generations to come. I want to rebuild this world and change this world to a positive end.”

“[Being in jail] made me want to be a better person and change my world.”

“The law of attraction is the power of your subconscious mind. Anything you can visualize or anything you believe and you give your faith to, you can create. The bad thing about the law of attraction is if you think bad things and you have too much fear within your brain, you’re gonna attract all of these things. Use the law of attraction to your advantage because they do not want you using your brain and you need to become insane to use the law of attraction. Do not put your energy into anything bad that you would not want coming back to you, and exercise the karmic cycle. Anything you give out will come back.”

These are excerpts from an interview XXX did with XXL Magazine in February 2017.

Without surprise, XXXTentaction made in on the XXL Freshman list for 2017. Today his freestyle dropped and, once again, he used the platform to say something that he believes is important… including his thoughts on religion and the government. Take a look:

After the XXXTentacion concert in Detroit on June 22nd, I got a chance to sit down and talk with X about his XXL freestyles, among other things. This is just touching the surface of what is to come. Wait till you see the full XXL Freshman Cypher video. Find your purpose. Jah Love!


Here are the lyrics from his individual freestyle as per his Snapchat.

“And hell is just a government creation. And all the information they solicit isn’t nearly close to truth, it was clear since the alteration, of the book our children study when they said Columbus discovered America. Oh, the ultimatum of telling you the truth but oh well I’m already in hell. I’m tired of having patience, so I’ma sell my soul and say some shit that fucking bothers you. Jesus wasn’t white nor black. I can’t knock it, was somewhat a Arab and one hell of a prophet. Don’t understand why J Cole talking bout false prophets, but didn’t mention higher ups. Change your name to Amber Cole. These fucking entertainers is playing it by the rules, sucking government dick for safety to stay cool, I’m absolutely disgusted.”

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