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A candid chat with xxxtentacion’s ex-DJ, YXXXNZ


YXXXNZ, of Broward County, is not only xxxtentacion’s ex-DJ but he’s also the worlds saddest composer. Currently 2/2 of DEPRESSED INDIVIDUAL and 3/3 of a collective called NADT, this DJ/Producer is continuing to break barriers in the music industry.

When did you get into producing?

Funny story, before this all my focus was on photography and graphic design. I always loved music though so I started learning how to DJ and that sparked my interest in actually learning how to produce.

What was the inspiration for the first project?

The inspiration for SADDERDAY was just like about how life sucks even on Saturday’s. *Laughs* Swear.

Do you plan on hosting a mixtape in the near future? if so, what artist would you have on it?

I don’t know if I’ll host a tape, I usually always get people I find interesting on my personal projects so it’s kinda the same thing. I just don’t like the cliché DJ Khaled shit that comes with hosting a tape.

You’re 1/2 of DEPRESSED INDIVIDUAL.. tell me more about that musical venture.

DEPRESSED INDIVIDUAL is probably going to be one of the greatest production duo’s to ever come out featuring myself and one of the greatest piano players alive ElGato Tha King. We have been working on a lot. We lowkey have some tracks on MOV3 so look out for that. You heard it here first.

You’re also apart of @VinnyChangos‘s new collective ( NADT ) .. how did that come about? how’d you meet him? whats the collective all about? Any new projects in that arena?

NADT is another thing I’m very excited to be apart of. Vinny and me have been friends for a long time and he’s also one of my greatest inspirations. I swear I studied him for a week just to learn how to really make trap music. His greatness really rubbed off on me. But yeah, there’s an NADT tape coming out soon as well. We’re all working very hard.

You have another album on the way, can you tell me more about that?

I’m currently working on my next album “See You Soon”. I plan on innovating some shit with this one. I’m pretty hype about it I hope the people will be too.

You were previously xxxtentacion’s DJ, did you ever produce songs for him or just DJ his sets?

Yeah, I was X’s DJ. We’ve worked on songs way way but back nothing recently unfortunately.

What was it like working with xxxtentacion?

Working with X is killer. He’s a perfectionist truly and obviously puts a lot of time and thought into the things he does.

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